Infinitas Mini Implant System - Orthodontic Mini Implants

infinitas screw

The Infinitas Mini Implant System is a revolutionary system for orthodontic anchorage. Our unique mini implants feature a patented head design which makes Infinitas the perfect mini implant system for orthodontic anchorage. To download our Infinitas product guide please click here.

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INFINITAS: The simple, yet comprehensive, Orthodontic mini implant system for an infinite number of anchorage applications. Infinitas mini implant system from DB Orthodontics. DB Orthodontics’ mission is to provide the Orthodontic profession around the world with the best mini implant system. We have strived for absolute perfection from the design stage to the manufacturing of the Infinitas mini implant system. We are continually developing the Infinitas mini implant system, working with leading Orthodontic experts to ensure that our mini implants meet the highest standards expected by todays Orthodontic profession. In essence, the Infinitas mini implant system has been designed by an Orthodontist, for Orthodontists, so that precise, reliable bone anchorage can be achieved using as simple a clinical process as possible. Infinitas mini implants system has been designed with Dr Richard Cousley who is a Consultant Orthodontist working in the UK hospital service and private practice. He has published papers and lectured widely on the technical aspects of bone anchorage, and developed the Infinitas mini implants system to overcome some of the limitations of existing mini implants, especially in terms of their lack of insertion precision and overly complex inventories. A combination of clinical and computerised trials have proven that the Infinitas mini implant system is reliable and provides comfort to both patient and clinician.

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