Direct Molar Distalisation


Class II molar relationship and/or anterior crowding.


Case Details:

13 year old with a Class II malocclusion, absent 2nd molars and unerupted upper central incisors. Alignment of these incisors created an 8mm overjet with ¼ and ½ unit class II buccal segment relationships.

Treated by fixed appliances and Infinitas direct anchorage (following alignment and levelling).

The molars were distalised by up to 4mm.


Key Points:

Asymmetrical and en masse distalisation feasible

Palatal mini-implants (1.5mm diameter, 9mm length, long neck) inserted just mesial to the U6s' palatal roots.

Infinitas mucotome used for palatal alveolar insertion sites (thick mucosa).

Infinitas guidance stent and contra-angle handpiece used for accurate palatal insertions.