Inter-maxillary Traction


Transverse / vertical side-effects from inter-maxillary elastics would be contra-indicated.

Inadequate root length and/or periodontal support for elastic traction.


Case Details:

15 year old boy with a Class II division 2 malocclusion, absent LR4 and significant lower centreline displacement to the right side.

Treated by extraction of UR4, fixed appliances and Infinitas anchorage for both intra-arch and inter-maxillary traction.

Initial fixed appliance treatment involved re-opening the lower right premolar space during centreline and overbite correction.

Anchorage was required for lower right molar protraction and subsequent use of class III traction (whilst maintaining the lower centreline).


Key Points:

Mandibular cortex perforated using the Infinitas bone punch.

Buccal mini-implant (1.5mm diameter, 9mm length, short neck) inserted LR2-3.