Indirect Anchorage


Space closure involving molar protraction.

Mini-implants limited to apical sites due to lack of alveolar bone volume more coronally (where teeth have been absent).

Powerarm usage limited by shallow labial / buccal sulcus depth.


Case Details:

Adult with a Class II division 2 malocclusion, 4 missing teeth, and severe centreline discrepancies.

Treated by fixed appliances, and Infinitas direct and indirect anchorage.


Key Points:

LL4 space re-opened during correction of the lower incisor inclination and centreline displacement to the left side.

Buccal mini-implants (1.5mm diameter, 9mm length, short neck) inserted UL5-6, and LL2-3.

Indirect anchorage involved a 19x25 steel auxiliary wire through the mini-implant head's vertical cross-slot (secured with composite resin) and a cross-tube on the main archwire. Horizontal traction was applied from this auxiliary wire to protract the left molars.