Molar Protraction


Decreased overjet and/or dental spacing (tooth loss or hypodontia).


Case Details:

Adult Class III patient requiring orthodontic decompensation and a mandibular setback osteotomy, but complicated by poor prognosis of LR6.

2 mini-implants (2mm diameter, 6mm length, long neck) inserted lateral to the mid-palatal suture

Treated by LR6 extraction, fixed appliances and Infinitas anterior anchorage (2 mini-implants used to overcome resistance to space closure caused by alveolar necking).

Traction applied to both the LR8 hook and a free-sliding powerarm (distal to LR7, on a 19x25 steel archwire).

2nd case shows molar protraction using a (19x25 archwire) powerarm inserted into a double tube on the UL6.

Treated by extraction of UR4, UL4, LL5, fixed appliances and Infinitas anchorage in both right quadrants.


Key Points:

Buccal mini-implants (1.5mm diameter, 9mm length, short neck) inserted LR3-4 and LR4-5 (1st case), and UL3-4 (2nd case).

Powerarms reduce mesial tipping of the molars and archwire binding.